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Re-Design of brand identity for Ventilen


Visual Identity

Concept Development

Ventilen is a voluntary organisation, who helps young people, between the age of 16-25 years, to get out of their loneliness. The biggest problem is the taboo. Loneliness is not something young people talk with their friends and family about, because they perceive it as being shameful. Therefore it is important to put loneliness into words, so it becomes easier for young people to open up about. It should no longer be a taboo to feel lonely, or a taboo to talk about.


In order to increase the focus on Ventilens work towards loneliness, it is important that they get a strong, sensational and recognizable visual identity that focuses on the taboo of loneliness. The design has to get noticed among the rest. At the same time it has to symbolize the fact that loneliness needs to get in the spotlight and put into words.

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